What We Do

BackToAwake was formed to create original content for film and commercial projects. With a decade in visual arts, two decades in artistic per suits, we have cultivated a great working culture that produces efficient and original results. We still believe in content being king, in images having the correct look for the story, and in creating pieces that maintain emotional attachment to the audience. Doing things in the right way has always been the goal…

Adventure is also in our blood and culture. We have traveled around the world in pursuit of content, going from cities to the Himalayas to capture what we need for the story. Even taking cameras into free fall and skydiving with them is well within our capabilities. We own all of our equipment, and we work with the most up to date tools that we can to create our work. From cranes, to lighting, to old and rare vintage lenses, we thrive in using these tools to create the right look for the project.

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